jQuery ScrollTo is a great way to smooth scroll to any jQuery/DOM element

Enough talk, let's see it in action!


    duration: 2000,
    easing: 'linear'
    duration: 2000,
    durationMode: 'all'
    duration: 2000,
    callback: function(){
        alert('Scrolling has now completed.');
    onlyIfOutside: true


Step 1. Download jQuery ScrollTo, and extract it to your hard drive

As everyones extraction process is a little bit different be sure of the following:

Step 2. Move the jquery-scrollto directory to somewhere on your webserver

Be sure to always keep the entire jquery-scrollto directory intact; this means if you were to only move some of the files instead of moving the entire directory, then you would run into problems due to the cross directory references would no longer be working.

Step 3. Include jQuery (insert into your page's head tag)

If your page already has jQuery included then you can skip this step.

<!-- Include jQuery (Dependency of jQuery ScrollTo) -->
<script src="http://www.yoursite.com/somewhere/on/your/webserver/jquery-scrollto/vendor/jquery.js"></script>

Step 4. Include jQuery ScrollTo (insert into your page's head tag)

<!-- Include jQuery ScrollTo -->
<script src="http://www.yoursite.com/somewhere/on/your/webserver/jquery-scrollto/lib/jquery-scrollto.js"></script>


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