NicEdit is highly configurable by passing the configuration when you create the NicEditor. Pass your configuration when you call:

new NicEditor({CONFIG HERE})

Add .panelInstance('ID TO TEXTAREA HERE') to add the editor to the textarea.

See the examples below:

Default (No Config Specified)

new nicEditor().panelInstance('area1');

All Available Buttons {fullPanel : true}

new nicEditor({fullPanel : true}).panelInstance('area2');

Change Path to Icon File {iconsPath : 'path/to/nicEditorIcons.gif'}

new nicEditor({iconsPath : 'nicEditorIcons.gif'}).panelInstance('area3');

Customize the Panel Buttons/Select List

{buttonList : ['fontSize','bold','italic','underline','strikeThrough','subscript','superscript']}

Set a maximum expansion size (maxHeight)

{maxHeight : 100}