The full Shadowbox distribution is comprised of many files, most of which you won't need. Use the form below to create a compact build that contains only the features you want.


Shadowbox may be used in standalone mode, or in harmony with your favorite JavaScript library. See this page for more information on adapters.


Thanks to the Shadowbox community, Shadowbox has been translated into many of the world's most widely-spoken languages. You may compile a language into the distribution now, or see this page for more information on dynamically loading language files at runtime.


Shadowbox players are small classes that are responsible for displaying different types of content. See this page for more information on which players are required for certain types of content.

Player Description
img Used to display various image formats including gif, jpeg, and png.
html Injects some pure HTML code into the Shadowbox display. Useful for displaying inline tables and forms.
iframe Displays content in an HTML Iframe. Useful for playing videos from YouTube and Google video, as well as displaying exterior web sites.
swf Used to display SWF's.
flv Used to display Flash video.
qt Uses the QuickTime browser plugin to play content.
wmp Uses the Windows Media Player browser plugin to play content.


The full Shadowbox distribution, including the sample gallery and documentation files.
A subset of the full distribution, containing only the code necessary to run Shadowbox.

Alternatively, you can always check out the latest source code from Shadowbox' Subversion repository on Google Code. However, there is a good chance that this code won't work properly because I'm constantly tinkering with it.

$ svn checkout